My ex is irritated. Anyone who can relate?

my ex has been ignoring me for some months and we have now started to talk again

and I told him I've slept with someone else..since he was my first one. he's now a little irritated..would you be if you were him ? and why?

ever since I told him..(he asked) he has talked to me alot

and we have had nice conversations

i mean I do like him a lot still

but he hurt my feelings when he was in the army and didn't give a sh*t towards me halway trough..(I think it was the army guys who affected him.."lets find chicks" etc..) because now he's out of the army and his probably had time to clear his mind..

what is your opinoion ? any one who can relate ? thanks :D


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  • wow he sounds a bit selfish to me he had his fun "LETS FIND CHICKS" An so did you he can't be mad he wasn't there to console you in your time of need an someone else was.dont beat yourself up or feel bad if he wants to work it out nothing should come in between it wasn't like you cheated least you were honest about everything because you couldve lied an covered it up he should respect you more for being honest but time is to short an not promised so give him some time to collect his thoughts don't call him for a while lethim chase you eventually he will


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  • Girl! If he didn't give you the time of day then, don't give it to him now..He passed up his chance to be with you. If you are really entertaining the thought of getting back together, then make him work for it. Don't be available all the time. Its his turn to do the work.! Good luck

    • do you think he likes me..hes been really nice

      and giving me compliments

      and like including me in the things that are in the futer lik " I'm gonna buy you this" etc..

  • Ya he probably does, but be cautious, he has done you wrong once, make him get you back. Not the other way around.


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