How can I fix this? I think I ruined my chances.

I came on waaay too strong last night because I was drinking and he wasn't. And I think I scared him off, also I think I texted him after too much :( how to fix it?

It was going so well before that and I really felt the ball was in my court, he seemed so interested. Damn it.


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  • Explain and apologize in person. Phone is the second best choice. Tell him you had had too much to drink. If his response is positive then good if not move on and learn from your mistake. Do not drink and text!

    • Yay, thanks.. No other replies? Ughh

    • I'll always give BA after like a day and yours was better so :) I ended up apologising but he doesn't want to know me hah.

    • Oh no worries. treat it like an experiment. Plenty of fish in the sea!

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  • explain that you weren't yourself and that you want a second chance to show him the real you

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