Ex boyfriend still wants me in he's life after break up?

My boyfriend and I ended up breaking up. Due to him being to busy with full time work and study. Also that he was not ready for a relationship and stuff.

He and I were talking about stuff. He admitted he still really liked me. I agreed that I still liked him as well and was like, I know there is still something between us. He did not deny it and was like. If we are meant to get back together. It will happen.

After that we just spoke to each other normally about the weekend and White Chicks which was playing in the background on my TV.

He also still wants to be friends with me as well and said he would like to catch up later on. Before he got up and left. He stood in front of me for like 5 minutes expecting me to hug him or something but I felt really hurt and upset, almost in tears and could not bring myself to.

It looked like he did not know how to react to that and was like "ok. Gotta go. We will catch up later on" then he left.

The guy still has me on Facebook as well. Had to unsubscribe him from Newsfeed. Need a break from him for a while before I can interact with him again.


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  • Take a break and do you. Try to make your self happy first then once you get past the break up then keep your ex in your life if you choose to. It is not easy to be friends with an ex. Some people do it and others don't.


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