Breaking up with your girlfriend and you want to date her?

I don't understand: my boyfriend broke up with me. Aftter it, he told me we could date each other now that we are single.

We still love each other btw.

Then two weeks later I asked him out, he told me no because he was broke and wanted to have money to go out with me. I don't care at all about money, but if he feels better this way..ok.

And now (a month after he broke up with me) I made him a surprise that I wanna give him, but he told me he doesn't think he's ready yet to get any surprise from me anymore..and that we should wait or I should tell him what this is.

Clearly, he's still mad at me and thinks negative while thinking about me.

I don't understand...what does he want? What should I do?


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  • Tried talking to him about it? Does he want any commitment? I think it's not normal.

    Personally I don't like loose bonds so I'd go for a girl 100% or just not. And I'd expect the same the other way around.

  • This guy has finished with you but wants to date you, so your being played, he is keeping you for sex until something better comes along, he is not respecting your efforts or your talents and will throw them as soon as another girl shows interest. So you need to tell him that your worth more than this and that if he can't be serious about you then he needs to find a bimbo that will allow her talents to be respected in this way, because you have talent and someone worthy would love the chance to prove his worth, Don't let him treat you this way, its so disrespectful its annoying, good luck, you have talent, they won't go un noticed,x


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