I want him to take me back..Give me all kind of advices please

Hey guys,

My boyfriend broke up with me and I really think it's the wrong choice.

What can I do to get him back?

He doesn't play games by the way, so I don't know if he will come after me if we stop writing emails to each other and so on..

What's your advice?

Should I still give him time and space to think and maybe come back to me?

He's mad at me right now, and has been for at least a month.. :s. I know he's depressed too.

I love him so much, I'd like to be there for him and just love him again...


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  • well if he already ended it, then I think your a little late for the "what can I do to help him like me more" stage. Just keep in touch, if he doesn't find another significant other he'll come back.

  • If he broke up with you, he most likely had a reason to do so as well.

    Its so easy to think what you could have done different once it ended.

    I'm in a similar situation, the girl I dated barely cared for me, I cared for her.

    I tried to talk to her etc. she didn't want to listen, so I left her after I've tried, but then again I was the only one trying for us.

    Now about a month later she said she wants me back, well I'd rather drink poison then get back with her.

    She had her chance, but she rather spent her time partying and sleepover at other guys I never met or with EX'es, even flirt with other guys over a dating site, because it was fun.

    My only advice I can give is just remind him you exist, if he wants you back he will say so, if not you have to move on, because he has. Can never force a person to be with you.


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