Why would a guy hide his phone from his girlfriend?

I never let my boyfriend go through my phone. He has, but it was when I was being careless. Sometimes guys text me trying to hit on me and I'd rather not have to explain it. I also keep my computer away from him for the same reasons.

Now, my boyfriend did not take the same precautions about HIS phone and computer until recently. I'm wondering if he is hiding something, or just not letting me access his stuff because I won't let him access mine. When I go to his place he will lock his computer and take his phone with him when he leaves the room. He did not used to do this.


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  • Maybe, he is playing with you... if you try and act normal like allowing him to see your messages, your computer stuff and all (after all there will be a time when you both will have to tell each other what you are doing, where you are going and all because you both will be married), then he will react in the same way... well, you can convince him that some boys are trying to hit on you to propose you(if they are trying to avoid you from falling for him), and maybe, he can help you in dealing with such people...

    If you understand him, he too will understand you...

    I have a classmate, and chat with her quite often on Facebook... and I chat with her like a friend... not to propose her or ask her out or anything like that... One day, her boyfriend came to her house, and saw that she was chatting with me... he then started firing bad words from her chat box... then I was like "wtf is going on? "... then she told me that her boyfriend was there... then I immediately closed the chat and ignored it...

    So, if your boyfriend is hypersensitive like that same guy... then maybe, you shouldn't let him touch your phone and computer...

    But you know your boyfriend really well... so if he is calm and cool as a cucumber, then I don't think there should be any reason for hiding your personal stuff... of course... don't let his friends or your friends touch your personal stuff...


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  • It could be anything. Everybody has a right to have privacy and he just wants his privacy at the moment. Just don't worry about it and if you both love and trust each other nothing bad will happen.


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  • There are many possibilities.He might do that because you don't let him to access yours,or maybe he doesn't feel comfortable to let you know every stuffs that he did.Some people have demand on privacy.It could be he is hiding something as well but you can't predict now yet as you don't have any proof.Why don't you guys talk to each other nicely about this.


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