Ex started talking with you again...I need some serious help here..

if your ex after 4 months has started talking to you

again.. and stays up to 4 am chatting with you etc


what does that mean?


Most Helpful Girl

  • it means he's lonely

    • 4 real?

      he was in the army

      while we broke up.. and now he isnt

    • he also hinted he's moving back ot my town

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  • Lol, I almost thought this question was from my ex but the numbers weren't the same. My ex of 12 years and I started talking again till 4 AM since she lives in Cali. While my situation is different than yours just on recency alone, I like talking to her. I'm not lonely nor do I want to get back together with her but flirting with someone you are comfortable with is nice.

    • I KNOW I feel the same way

      i don't wanna get back with him

      i just wanna be able to talk to him like old times

      because we can talk so easily and its fun..i hate being mad at each other

      and I think he feels the same way

      but at the same time he does flirt a little

      im not lonley either I just want things to be good .

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    • yah but I'm not sure that he likes me for sure

      im guessing he's lonley..since he got out of the army etc

    • Just because he got out of the military doesn't mean he's lonely. It depends on the person really. I live alone, and have been for 10 years now. I've had girlfriends but no one actually living with me. I don't get lonely. I like my privacy and space and if I want to socialize I'll go out or over someone's house.

      I'm an honest person and would answer any question asked of me. Maybe he's the same. Ask him where he is in his life and what he would want out of you. Give him time to think about it.

  • It means that there is clearly something wrong and s/he is a stupid and lonely puppy.


What Girls Said 2

  • Sounds like he is trying to get you back,not sure...maybe he didn't find other girl that better than you?

  • Maybe he misses you, or still likes you, or just wants ass.

    • he doesn't say anything hinting " ass"

      hes nice and sweet

      so mby he wants a new chance?

    • That'd be my guess. I don't know, sometimes the only way of truly knowing is for him to just tell you.

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