Why is my ex acting this way? What's going on here?

My ex and I have been getting along great these last few weeks, we have to see each other just about everyday, so this is a big step.. Sometimes he'll ask me about my plans for the weekend, wanting to hang out, flirts with me, complimenting me, messages me and doing nice things for me. Other days he'll snap at me with one word answers, won't really talk to me and is distant.

I can tell that he gets alittle upset when I have plans and can't hang out with him. he's starting to be the first one to start the messaging or conversations. At first I did all the messaging and asking him to hang out, since I've stopped its like the other way around.

I know that he was seeing a girl but I have no idea if he still is.

Whats going on here? why is he acting this way?


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  • My guess is he wants to be with you again. When he's being nice he's giving it another shot. See if he can save the relationship. When he's upset he is probably thinking what is taking so long to get the relationship going again.

    Question: is he being an ass most of the time or only sometimes? Make up your mind. Do you want to be with him or not? He is loosing his patience.

    Best to sit down together and ask him if he still has feelings for you.

    • Hes nice to me most of the time. I'm all about giving it another try, He told me that he wasn't interested anymore and he was moving on (that was about a month ago), I started to move on.

  • He might be into you again?

    • how can I tell?

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    • there are some days when I feel like he still has love for me and the other days I can't tell. He's kind of a sensitive guy, so I believe his emotions are real.

      When we are hanging out he treats me better then he did when we were dating.

    • weird, maybe he's not sure of his feelings... I don't know, maybe you should try talking to him. In a relaxed kinda atmosphere.

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