Question for all the person who has cheated, what does it feel like?

what does it feel like? lol I know its kinda of a weird question but iv never done it before nor am I gonna. so I wanna know y you do it and what makes you keep doing it.

oh and if you were cheated on, did you trust the person again? I mean were you always kinda suspicious of em even though you forgave em.


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  • I have never cheated, but have been cheated on. We decided to try and work through things, and have been together ever since. For the first few months after the incident I was always very suspicious of him but that in turn was only hurting our chances of making it through. In the end I decided that if I was going to stay in the relationship then I had to wipe his slate clean and let what happened go. I believe I made the right decision, we aren't the same as we were before but our bond is stronger, and our understanding of each other is more realistic.

    • wow

      i don't think I would have been able to do that.

      but aren't you just a LITTLE scared that it will happen again?

      iv always thought that once someone can do something once they can do it again.

    • That's the thing about trust in a relationship though, it's either there or it isn't. Admittedly, At first it was difficult to move on, but over time our trust has been rebuilt, and I don't have to constantly say that I trust him, I just do.

    • man I just think that you are pretty forgiving.

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  • Terrible.

  • Its like you know you are doing something terrible, but you can't help it. Like for me it was agirl who was agressivly flirting with me know I have a girlfriend and it made it hard for me to say no.

    • y? I mean was it because you were into her or was it cause she was hot? most guys just cheat for the sex I think, was it like that? or did you realli like her?

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    • nope havnt done it since :) lol Hope you get the answer you;re looking for. Night :)

    • yep. sure did. night :)

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  • i've never cheated and have been cheated on.. I could never trust him again and broke up with him. in the long run it was for the best

  • I cheated before. It was an awful feeling for me. I was in an abuse reltaionship and I had no money, no friends, no where to go and I lived with him and didn't even have my license. I found an out with this guy I used to date who was still interested. We hung out more and more and he tried to help me leave him but I was scared so one day I just never went home I stayed with my ex. My boyfriend came over tried to fight him and tried to take me home. I refused and was finally able to move on from that.

    I don't believe cheating is black and white. If I had been stronger I could have just left but I wasn't and maybe I did the shady thing but I did what I had to do to get out of my situation. I have no regrets about that.

  • Depends.If I cheated him because he did it to me firstly,i won't feel anything,maybe a little satisfy.If I cheated him just randomly for no reason then I would feel bad but I can't help it.I know its a bad thing.

    @update:Normally I would hear to his explanation and see if its worth for me to accept him back.


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