What are signs you are ready to move on?

Ok lolz if you have clicked into this and are reading it I thank you very much =D. So I recently found out that the guy I like had a girlfriend a bit before we met last year and they were going out for maybe a month and a half. I don't want to ask him about it but I would assume it was pretty serious...because after she broke up with him for a boy she went out with for about two week...he no longer does serious relationships. I was thinking about asking him to homecoming which is soon..but I was wondering...what does it take for you to want to have a relationship again...and how slow should I take it...I was going to ask him to go as friends..and that's a start..lolz I guess what I really want to know is...exactly what I said..what are some signs that your ready to move on?...thanks a bunches to anyone who answers



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  • what does it take? simple. the right girl. xD. as for a relationship- there are no telltale signs, but its been a year... and he shouldve moved on by now.

    just ask him to homecoming- see where it goes.

    • Ahz it's you..see I like you you're extreamly optimistic! Thanks maybe I will at that..and true but he's really cut off from people I noticed this almost immediatly..he has a thing with loss and I think he feels like anyone he lets in will eventually be gone..I just wish he'd give me the chance to be the one that doesn't =)

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    • Ahz you did..it always helps to talk something out with someone =)

    • yep =P

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  • "The signs from heaven will always be clear"

    You will start to find new intrests, you will suddenly mee other people, you will suddenly open up to things you never notice before because you were focused on this person only, you will focus on you inner life's goals and start working on yourself for self improvement to attract a person who is worthy!


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  • Hi notluckywithlove,

    Sure, ask him to homecoming. Maybe he feels different now about the relationship thing. Time heals wounds. :) Good luck.


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