Why would my ex boyfriend do this?

So it's been about a year since I had dated my ex boyfriend, and I had given him two stuffed animals as a Christmas present after we broke up. Also, after we had broken up we decided to be friends. That didn't work out because I kept getting mad at him over the dumbest things, which I realize now, back in February. He had told a mutual friend that he ended our friendship because I caused too much drama and he was getting tired of it. The way he had ended our friendship was by just deleting me from his friends on Facebook and stopped talking to me without telling me anything. He just ended abruptly. Back in August, during summer break, I had called him to apologize for what I did and just to let him know I was sorry for everything, and nothing else. He had told me then that when we went back to the college we both go to he wanted to work on a friendship and to at least say hi to each other instead of ignoring each other like we had done before. Well, when we got back to college none of that happened even after I had tried to work on a friendship with him twice without any feedback from him. I stopped talking to him all together about three weeks into August and I haven't said a word to him once. This past Friday, he had taken the two stuffed animals I gave him for Christmas and left them purposely on a chair in the lounge where he had hoped I wouldn't see them and someone else would pick them up. Before he left them on the chair, I had walked right by him and saw a glimpse of them before he tried hiding them from me. He didn't even bother to tell me that he didn't want them when I had walked by him which is what really pissed me off. Needless to say, I ripped up the two stuffed animals and threw them away. My question is why would he have kept the two stuffed animals this long, almost a year later, just to leave out for someone else to get them? Also, why would he haven even done it that way? All the guys in the dorm we both live in think he did it just to start drama and just to get a spark out of me and to get attention from the only two people who are his friend. I'm not friends with him at all. I haven't been friends with him since February and I have other friends in my dorm. And no, this guy is not worth my time and I even told him that he was the biggest mistake/regret I ever had and that I hate him. I think that really got to him cause I had left it on his white board on his door since he wasn't in his room and I was pissed off already and after he read it, he was quiet for the rest of the day and stayed in his room except to do laundry.


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  • The real question is: Why do you give a f***? Your friendship is over so stop thinking about him and his actions so much and move on.


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  • Guys can be real insensitive. But sometimes they do things because they are having a hard time getting over what happened. But after hearing something like that from someone you've been with and cared about its hard to realize that things are truly over.

    • but he has a girlfriend so I'm sure he's over me. He broke up with me.

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    • and she's two years older than him

    • I don't know what to say anymore... except I'm sorry

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