Friends with your ex?

I'm friends with my ex I guess

he ignored me for 4 months

and now he's talking to me everyday..

i don't know why but does he like me ?

all I know that when he logs off I get sad cause I don't want him to leave..i want him to stay because things ended only cause he was in the army..and I miss him..

but I don't know if he wants to be my friend or more?



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  • i think he wants to be your friend

    and maybe a little more I think he still likes you and you still like him

    • im affraid of asking ..hes gonna walk away..

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    • but I mean

      if your ex contacts you

      when he's out of the it because he's lonley

      or he misses you and wants you back..when he tlks to you a lot etc..would he just be bored? :(

    • i think he misses you and I think he wants you back

What Girls Said 1

  • i think he's missing you and might want you back if he's spending a lot of time reaching out to you

    • or else why would he bother :/

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