Why is my ex acting mean?

Ok so my ex dumped me like 6 weeks ago. He said he still wanted to be friends but I said I couldn't have that for the moment Because I needed my space. So I left him alone. Me and him all have the same group of friends so we had to see each other for a birthday. I was told that week he said he was glad I would be there so I would be more comfortable around him again. That night he sat right beside me and wouldn't talk to me instead try to grope and make suggestive comments to my friend right beside me.He wouldn't follow her when she left. When he saw another guy try to flirt he left the club. He lives with my best friend. So I started coming over to the house after a month, I thought I gave him enough space. He would ignore me and get into fights with my friend and the other roomates Because I was there. He wouldn't let anyone use the xbox once he realized I played it with the lads in a group game once. I said to him that we should try to be civil but he said that that would be hard for him since he was so hurt that I said we couldn't be friends right after he dumped me. He was even saying that I hurt him a lot more then he hurt me over it. Eventually he appologised to my friend about him being a prick to everyone. He said he didn't know why he was so uncomfortable and acting so mean around me he said he couldn't explain it.

I don't understand why he is so uncomfortable around me. I mean he dumped me so he shouldn't care or mind. I mean I'm relaxed around him. Sorry this is long I just don't understand why he's acting like this.


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  • becasue you're showing that you don't care about him anynmore. He doesn't really lik you anymore that's why he dumped you, but seeing how you wuickly accepted and moved on makes him wonder why did she forget me so easy that she si having fun now with my friends! that's the reason why he is mad. he is jealous but his jealous has nothing to do with his feelings for you, he is selfish for turning you down and not wanting to make you happy. you should hang out in place where he isn't in sight. and if its unavoidable. continue what you're doing ignore him!


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  • His vagina, I mean ego, is hurt. Once all the bitterness goes away, he'll be more receptive, if not...tell him to go get a vaginal rejuvination. (sp?)


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  • Okay don't listen to Ghostwriter.. He's ego might be hurt.. but he might also have thought about the break up. Sometimes after a relationship the guy is still a little defensive of his ex. But he could also still love you. But that isn't always the case.


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