He broke my heart; now wants me back!

so I loved my ex. he was my first real boyfriend, first real love. we madeout alot. sometimes for 6 hours straight, eat then 3 more hours. just making out

he was pretty good. well to me he was amazing. he was weird though, like he'd text me all the time and in person was awkward and he'd also criticise me a lot and put me down and bail on me cancelling dateas the day before we planned to hangout (he lived an hour away)

we broke up because he said I was too immature and he was going to school 5 hours away and liked someone else and didn't wanna kiss me anymore. he also tried to breakup with me right after I got my $600 prom dress and told him I couldn't wait, like the day I sent him the pic of the dress, he said I think we shud breakup - and the night ebfore he ended the text "i love you"

we didn't talk problems out or really talk. we'd text and then just makeout. wlel he's gonna come back for college in January and wants me back I guess. he's texted me and said this.

i said how I loved him but changed and he's hurt me too much. its all true and I like someone new now. whose less of a jerk.

do you agree with me rejecting him now? my ex has made me cry at least 5 times and broke my heart mroe than once... :(


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  • Actually I think rejecting him is the best thing for you. I've been threw similar relationships.

    One of the guys I dated had actually purposed to me after we had broken up. I rejected him and then that same day I started dating one of my best friends well I didn't actually know we were dating until two days later but we've been together ever since.


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