Bad association with sex because my ex cheated on me

I love my new boyfriend, but my past gets in the way of my sex life. I feel so disgusted doing certain things because I remember my gross ex doing them to me and I get nauseous. How can I get over this?


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  • Talk to your boyfriend. Tell him how you feel about that. And that you want to take things slow and want to link all those experiences in a positive way, with him. Allow him to show you that it can be very different. Bit make sure the pace meets your comfort level.

    It can be very rewarding in a relationship to turn bad experiences into good ones.


What Girls Said 1

  • You can always go the Christian route. Wait until you get married, until you can really trust the guy, and then have sex after marriage. If you still have problems then you should see a counselor. But I say waiting is the best policy.

    I remember having sex when I was younger and I felt guilty. Partly because I didn't love the guy... and I felt weird and maybe it was because of my past to.. But I think that waiting for marriage could possibly help because that is the person you will be with forever! And it's best to save it for your husband =) who you know won't ever hurt you.

    God bless.

    • save it for her husband, she's a little late for that

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