I have cheated! (although barely) - what to do now?

Lets start, well... From the start. Been with this girl for 8 months, and the first 5 were wonderful, then we started arguing more frequently. I didn't make as big of a deal out of it as she did, because I know arguing is normal(if not necessary) in a couple. Things quickly went from bad to worse when I ended up (this is from my point of view, hers would likely be the exact opposite) having to take the blame for everything that happened, otherwise she'd say that I'm "making her pass for the bad girl", and we'd be back at square 1. Obviously, we both found that very displeasant, and had a major argument in which we both considered and discussed of a potential breakup seeing as how we did not seem to he happy. I had thought of a breakup several times before, because I knew that certain things with her annoyed me and that there were liberties I should have, even in a couple, that I'd never be able to have with her. But I'm not that kind of guy to easily give up, and ever the optimistic, I kept telling myself that it might solve itself eventually...

Now here is where this leads: Saturday we were supposed to see each other, we had been talking about it for the whole week before that. I had tried to confirm Friday, retried Saturday, got no answer and no call return. She texted me later saying that she had planned something else since we hadn't confirmed... I was frustrated, considering that Saturday is the only day we can see each other every week because of work and university. So I decided to plan something with my p*rnstar friend, go have some fun. Me, her and 2 girls went to this private house, open bar party that she (the p*rnstar) was animating. Had never been there before and didn't plan to cheat on my girlfriend or anything.. The threat came, in fact, from one of the girls that was with us..

After a lot of drinks (was open bar after all LOL), she got very flirtatious, and I didn't push farther than some dancing. Then we left the place and went to a friends house and drank some more... And all the way along we were both quite excited but I was not accepting the advances... Until I finally failed, and we kissed, multiple times. I refused that we go any farther, which kinda made her unhappy, but she understood.. Then I came back home and was like wtf..

So now I ask YOU, wtf do you think I should do? Haha

A. Break up with her and tell her

B. Break up with her and don't tell her, useless to hurt her

C. Don't break up but tell her, see if she breaks up

D. Don't break up and don't tell her, what happens in vegas stays in vegas. As long as you know it won't happen again.

Thanks in advance


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  • First things first, you need to tell your girlfriend what happened, she deserves to know the truth. Whether you want out, or want to try and work things out is up to you. To be perfectly honest it seems like you are trying to rationalize why you were unfaithful, and I can say from personal experience that that really sucks. There is nothing worse than finding out that your boyfriend cheated on you and on top of all that wants you to take some of the blame. The fact that you put yourself in a situation where you would be so tempted to cheat is a red flag for me.

    • The first paragraph was only background history so that you understood what, partially at least, led to this. I understand the point of view where you might think I'm trying to imply it's partially her fault, but believe me, that's not the point at all.

      I consider myself the only one responsible for what happened, and the events that led me to it did not, in any way, force me to act like I did. However, the "background" was meant to help you choose between A,B,C and D.

      Thanks for your answer

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  • Nope..dude...i don't think you realliee like your girl than...mmmmmn..thats hard...but sometimes you need to cantrol..ur little cravings...lol..to all guys our there..i know wen your girls are not with you guys...u may get the munchies...just learn how to handle them and say no...i sidjust you tell her...if bot brake up..or brake up..its up to u..but deffinetly tell her...

  • Look...

  • B.Break up with her. this is not going anywhere!

    Btw p*rn star ?!?!

    • Oh it's just that I'm not xper 3 and it said I needed to be to post anything "sexual" so I had to modify a couple terms lol.. But thanks for the answer ;)

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  • B or D. And in the case of B, not even to hurt her. That will follow you around and make it harder to get the next girl.


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