She dumped me 1.5 months ago. Now she wants to hang out?

She started texting me and asked if I wanted to hang out. but I'm over her, have moved on. Don't really care. What should I say to this girl? I think she misses me and wants me back or maybe she is just bored? Either way, I'm not an ass hole, so I don't want to say I don't give a f***, but what do I say to her that sounds nice and yet keeps us as friends on some level? Thanks...


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  • "What should I say to this girl?"

    Have you tried: "No, thanks"?


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  • Personally I would give her a blunt "shove off bitch - if I wasn't good enough for you then, then I'm not good enough for you now.'' (But I don't really care if I sound like an a**hole or not to a girl who dumped me...)

    • thats exactly how I feel bro.. "if I wasn't good enough for you then, then I'm not good enough for you now.''

      But I don't want to show any emotion. I don't want to come across as though I was hurt a lot or that the dumping affected me (or still affects me).

      Thats why I want to keep my feelings in check and say something else to her. Something aloof, nonchalant. Something reflecting indifference...

    • You can say that without actually getting emotionally upset and showing it - especially in a text. Just say that and tell her you don't have any sort of interest in her any more because she is a waste of your time (but again I don't care about being an a**hole to a girl who dumped me). And I don't really want any of my exs in my life as friends after the fact - too much baggage and memories with them.

    • okay thanks..

  • you can also use and then dump her...AN EYE FOR AN EYE can you be sure that she will not dump you again in friendship...

    • i can't be sure about that. its possible she could break up with me again. But I can't use her and dump her. That's just not me..

    • why don't you just tell her I''m sorry, I don't want to hang out. it's not a big deal but I rather not hang out with exes.

      she probably misses you and wants you back if it's consistent and continues. if it's boredom she'll change her mind again or find someone new to occupy her time.

    • thanks teenzerab. that's actually a good point you've made. I'll say it lke that maturely..

  • 1 free ticket to the friend zone.


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