Anyone have any luck with getting back together?

Has anyone ever had any luck getting back together with their ex? Does it ever work out?

I still have feelings for a guy I use to date. Our relationship just got really strained with the stresses in everyday life. I recently apologized for how things ended, because it is something that I've regretted and I needed to tell him for my own good. To my surprise he said he was sorry also. I'm mostly wondering where do you go from her?


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  • it depends on the situation

    you can talk to him and say how are you I miss you etc

    • What are your feelings about telling an ex you miss them? I've heard it drives guys farther away, but there has been a cooling off period.

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  • getting back together is only cool for about a week. then it all goes back to the same crap we broke up over...sory to say