Does no contact really work?

Does no contact really work. Getting an ex boyfriend's attention of they are the ones that dumped you?

I have been so good. rang up crying or sending nasty texts. Just acting like I have moved on. It is so hard.

Mind you. It has only been like 3 days.

We broke up because he was too busy and had a lot on he's plate. Also because he was not ready for a relationship yet.

Still have him on Facebook though. Know the guy still likes me and stuff.


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  • If by working, you mean getting him to come back to you, then no, it does not work. He told you he wasn't ready for a relationship and he's too busy, so honestly no contact will be a relief to him. It will give him the space he needs and really nothing would get a guy who feels he is not ready for a relationship to get back with you. So, you could call and cry, you could not call at all, you could walk in front of him naked and still he will not want to get back together.

    The only time no contact brings someone back is when they never really wanted to break up to begin with. Beyond that, no contact is what you should do for yourself, for your peace of mind, so that you can move on. I would suggest deleting him as a friend too or simply setting his profile so you do not see his posts. I would not respond to any e-mails from him either. Oh, and beware of being put into the FWB zone. Sometimes guys who feel they are too busy will gladly keep a girl as a casual sex partner but will not convert you back into girlfriend status. Good luck!

    • Not true, the walking naked thing could work lol and some people like the FWB zone.

    • :) The walking naked thing would only work to get him interested in having sex with you, and if what you want is for him to make time for you and make you a priority as a girlfriend, that is not what you are trying for. And, in a situation like this, the FWB zone is not what you want. It only makes you remember what it was like to be his girlfriend and question why he is having sex with you but has not time for love. You end up feeling used.

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  • No that does not get their attention. Move on

  • yes, you have to focus on your life now and just move on if he cares about you he will contact you himself but otherwise don't look at him don't contact him in way give him his space and just go out have fun with the girls be happy show that your not affected by him. men love independent women who are strong, it shows that theyre the ones that lost you and not the other way around.


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