Boyfriend of 2 years and I broke up for 4 months. Now we are back together, just need opinions please!

So basically, I dated this guy for 2 years, we broke up for 4 months, and now we are back together, is this normal?

We are very much in love, but it is still hard for me to believe that he is 100% in this for me.

Because there are factors like, I just got a new car, went full time in my job, making a lot of money, lost about 20 lbs during the time we broke up, basically getting my life together and loving it. And all of a sudden he wanted me back more than ever. And I decided to give him a chance, is this a bad thing? Please give me honest opinions.


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  • It happens that people date, break up, then get back together. There's nothing wrong with that. It depends on why you broke up in the first place.

  • yeah, this guy is playing you, all of a sudden you have all these extra benefits and pow, he's there, you were fine without him so why need him now, you should take this real slow and let him know that you have moved on and need to get to know him again and that over the last 4 months you have matured greatly and now have a life that works for you, so you need to be sure that he can still be apart of it after not being a part of it for 4 months, if he is serious about you, he will prove his worth to you, if not he will leave, good luck and well done,x

    • I know you are probably more than right, but I don't want to admit it to myself. I guess I like the idea of us being together and being that happy perfect couple we used to be. We broke up just because we needed it...been together for the last years of our high school and never really experienced being single, so we just took time. I don't think we had planned on getting back together but all of a sudden, like I said, he is in love with me all over again. There isn't a chance he's for real?

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    • What is the best way to stay in control? Any advice?

    • Your best bet is to get him to text you, this is how it starts, he will text you, and on your last text, say to him to text you later, or give a time, if he don't text you, don't text him back, at all, this will get him thinking that he should of text and he probably will eventually but with an excuse like he forgot or sorry run out of credit, so start with the text first and see how it pans out, send me a request, and let me know how it goes, x

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