Should I call her back, despite our bad history?

It has been a few years since we last made contact. Yet today I randomly get a phone call from a girl I dated a long time ago; she was pretty much the first girl I had intimate feelings toward. Things did not end up well since we last talked. A couple years earlier, we were in a complicated relationship until we moved it into a long distance one. It abruptly ended when I found out of her meth problem and that she stole from me, and betrayed my trust.

I vowed never to speak to her again. But I did less than a year later after she got out of rehab. But I couldn't see myself being close with her again. I hung out with her from time to time but I felt awkward. She called me frequently and I couldn't deny the feelings I still had for her. But after I found new love I lost all interest in her entirely and told her to stop calling and get lost.

She did, that is until today when I got a very heartfelt voice message from her saying things about how even though things ended terribly between us and me "hating her," she still wished me all the best and the times she spent with me were some of the best she ever had. She sounds like she has changed and she really meant what she said in her voice mail.
A part of me wants to bury her immature, insensitive, tweaker ass in my past forever, But another part of me really wants to talk to her and establish cloture. This is driving me crazy! :(


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  • I don't think you should call her back. I think that an ex is an ex for a reason. Unless it is possible for you to just be friends with her and not get attached.

  • I think that even tho she's trying to get back in your life, leave her out... She seems like trouble so don't let her mess up your life again lol


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