I'm ready to move on from my ex.

I have been single for almost a year...And I don't think I'm ready to date but I'm ready to move on from my ex and be so happily single


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  • You don't need help being single...you already are 8)

    Which means you are no longer on a leash...(that made it sound like I was describing a dog)

    I meant you no longer have to worry about anyone's feelings, concerns, emotions etc...but your own. No more asking how "he feels if you do this" or "that" you can now just go and do it...

    No more I'm taken in public... or drama text when you have girls nights out.

    No more...well whatever you did when you were dating your ex-partner...no more of that.

    Like I said...you can do what you want, when you want, wherever you want...as I'm sure you did anyway before your break-up only now you don't have to worry about how the other person would feel if you did something that they would necessarily disapprove of or frown upon lol.

    If you want to be single...go out and experience what the world has to offer and express and explore the life of individuality...who knows maybe you will find something's about yourself that you didn't know before...and it could possibly help you in your next relationship.

  • What exactly are you looking for?

    Are you looking for a hook up partner and nothing serious?

    If so, join some dating sites (and state that is what you are looking for.)

    or enjoy ladies night out with the girls.

    • Ladies nights out definatly! It doesn't mean your going out to hook or that your looking for another partner...its just a great way to get out, chill with girls, and lose yourself to the music...but if you do end up hooking up or whatever its all good. Your single. Being single you have a lot more freedom and options. Just don't get STD's/AIDS...or create any babies.

  • LoL, no one can stop whether you want to be single or to be in a relationship.It's up to you.


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