How can I finally let go of my ex?

I broke up with my ex at the beginning of this yr. because he became very distant. Didn't wanna see me, touch me, rarely talked to me, yet I continued to stay the same, see him, touch him, talk to him, etc. It's not that I didn't love him. His behavior was hurting me.

I tried to see if he wanted to get back together but he didn't, then I wanted to find out what went wrong between us (so I could fix it in the future with someone else) so I asked his friends and cousins but they said nothing and shorty after that he cut me out of his life. Blocked my texts, calls, e-mails. It's the most hurt I've ever felt in my life. Chest pain, lonely nights, and major depression for a month.

I thought I was over him but whenever I go through a misunderstanding with a new guy, thoughts of my ex come rushing back. I need closure. I need him to tell me what I did wrong and how to fix it.

This new guy that I like wants to get intimate with me, but I'm not ready. Mostly because I can't bare to get physically close to a man to be rejected. Also because I don't trust his feelings for me nor mine.

I have dreams of my ex and guys and running away from all of them. I'm tiring of living my life this way. I want to be loved by the right man, but if I don't act, I'm going to let opportunities pass me by. Help!


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  • forget men for a while and DO THE THINGS YOU HAVE ALWAYS DREAMED OF. you don't need a man to fulfill you. Well, I could do it - but we are talking about OTHER guys.


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