Is it bad that I asked my ex to homecoming?

So my ex boyfriend and I are actually really close as friends now and I kinda wanted him to go to homecoming with me. This year is my last Homecoming dance. I'm a senior and the dance is on my birthday this year and all my friends are going to be there. Here's the thing. I feel kinda bad cause I convinced all my friends to go and then I felt like I wanted him as a date so I mentioned it to him and he's considering it. So if he does end up going I don't want them to be like "what the heck" cause they're suspicious anytime I hang out with him cause they think something's still going on between us. I don't know I probably always will have some feelings for him and that might be why I wanted him to go with me. But is it bad that I asked him even though I'm supposed to be hanging out with my friends also?


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  • Well it is your homecoming dance and you are free to go with who you want. I`m sure your friends will understand if you spend most of the dance with your date. How it tends to work at dances. I get that the ex thing makes it more complicated, though you still having feelings for him could set you up to get hurt. Sounds like you might be holding on to some feelings/hope for you two to get back together.

    I don`t know all the facts, so can ignore that last part if you want.


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