Why would a guy mention his ex if you just met the girl?

Apparently he's liked me ever since, but I was too blind to realize it and I'm wondering why he would mention his ex, I mean it was our second time meeting each other


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  • maybe he was just very attached to her and hasn't completely given her up mentally. I think you should be careful with this because you don't want to put yourself completely out there for him, and only have him be held back by his ex, you know what I mean? he might not be a 100% committed to finding a new person to fill the spot she had

    • That's what I was thinking too but he didn't talk talk about her, he just mentioned her. All he said was I dated a Syrian girl and she had the body. He also said she didn't follow her traditional rules. that was all

    • Idk then, he could just be putn that information out here to see your reaction

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