Am I cruel? I dumped my boyfriend after I found out most of his ex girlfriends are....

skank and whore...Im a virgin and I just think its not fair for me as I keep thinking about his past.

sorry for the wrong category,it suppost to be break up...


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  • No! I totally understand1 I'm a virgin as well and I would hate to be with a guy like that. It shows he doesn't have too much self resepct for his body and you don't wanna feel like you're just another p**** especially considering you're a virgin!

    • I feel like he is settle down with me as he already done slutting around.He told me that he wants to marry me.

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    • thanks for ba :)

    • welcome:)

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  • no you are not cruel at all, when it comes to relationships you can turn anybody down at any time for any reason and it doesn't make you cruel, immature, sexist or racist

    • My friends said I'm cruel by judging his past...

    • the past is the only thing that matters, the future doesn't exist so a person is their past if his past was like ten years ago then that would be a bit cruel if he changed his ways but if it was like a year or two ago then its not cruel at all its just how its got to be, you matter too and if you were not going to be happy in this arrangement then its best you got out

  • If you aren't interested in being sexual, you two were doomed.

  • Guy asking similar question on here: got told its unfair to judge her by her past.

  • Why are you judging his past? Who cares. Everyone has a skeleton, everyone has done something they either aren't proud of or don't broadcast. Maybe he went for the skanky girls because he has no self confidence.

    • No self confident? What does it has to do with being with a skank?

    • Guys with no self confidence go for skanks.. since the girls don't care and they are easy.

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  • Don't you think he may have changed?

    • real change takes years, and you can't change the past

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    • hahaha honey, if what I said meant anything, then it means you should take risks AND be cautious. That's all :)

    • I think I would O.o

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