This is a bit complicated break up story...Help! my ex (we were together off and on for 8.5 years) and I broke up in late June...I moved out in late July. We broke up for a number of reasons, not sure which one is true, if any at this point. His ex that he has a 16 year old daughter with recently found out she has terminal cancer. He has custody of his child. So, I moved out and knew he had been seeing someone even while I was living there the last month...I honestly don't know when he would have had time to be seeing her before we broke up because if he wasn't at school, he was with me. Anyway, apparently as of recently, he let his ex that is dying move in to the house with his daughter to spend her remaining time with the daughter...and he moved in with his new chick. Nice! The new chick is 10 years younger with a young child of her own.

I want thoughts on #1, why was he still contacting me as of last week, and #2 how long do you give it to last? I know many of you are going to say move on, he's a loser. He chose her...blah, blah, blah. I can't change what my heart feels...especially when I know that things I said to him for 6 months leading up to the break up made him move on like he did. I am devastated. He was my best friend! Any thoughts would be appreciated. btw...if she doesn't trap him by getting knocked up fast, I'd be surprised! (also, feel free to read any of my other questions posted to give you some further details on the past few months)...if anyone knows how to make a broken heart heal, please tell me because mine hurts SOOOOOOOO BAD! :( Thanks!


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  • The only thing you can do is confess that you now know you made a mistake and that hopefully by telling him that you are still in love with him, might help you move on easier than expected, he then can either choose to reply in the same matter or he can reply oppursite, but at least this way you know that the healing process will come a lot quicker, and you will feel a lot better knowing what his feelings are, other than that I don't know how you heal a wanting heart, all you can do is give it time to weep, good luck,x

    • Thanks! I would never wish this kind of pain on anyone...well I wish him and the new chick would know this pain. :(

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  • That is complicated...

    Why not give it some time and distance and just do your own things for awhile. There's just so much going on in his life right now that he won't have the time to miss you. Plus, he's with someone else and she may or may not help him forget you.

    Anyone who has gone through a breakup knows how much a heartbreak can hurt. I completely understand. However, don't you think that maybe you should remove yourself from all the drama and try to start getting over him? I just feel that with everything going on right now, telling him that you love will just push him away or confuse things.


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