Ex-boyfriend confuses me. What exactly does this mean?

It was pretty evident my ex and I both still have feelings for each other. This is based off of the following:

- Spends time talking to me after we've been broken up for a year

- Since this past July, has kept in touch with me, still kissed me, stared at me, constantly stands around me, listens in on my conversations and adds to them no matter what he's doing

- Intentionally passes me, insults the girl he hooked up with while we were broken up on purpose while I'm standing there and even recently, apologizes for doing it

- We're at the same concert, and he came with friends but, he only hung out with me the entire time, holding my hand, kissing me on the cheek/kisses me in general, shares his drink with me, offers to hold my things so, they don't get ruined, etc. Hugged me from behind.

- I visit his school, he takes me to his football game, he talked to me the entire time or messes around with me to make me laugh.

- Lent me his jacket, paid for my dinner/breakfast, let me stay in his room when I got screwed for sleeping arrangements, cuddled with me in the morning.

- Throws things at me, unties my shoe, play fights me.

- Stays with me at parties all night, doesn't go with his friends or leave me alone (even though he knows you can fend for myself and even tells me that he knows I'm capable of doing so.)

- Comes when a friend shows me around his campus and comes to walk me to the bus stop, tells me he had good time and he's glad I came.

- When I get stranded at the bus stop, he helps me find a bus ticket home and wants me to tell him how I'm getting back to school.

When I left his school to come back to mine, everything seemed fine.

Four days passes. Nothing happens.

Finally, we talked yesterday he told me he doesn't want any sort of relationship. This I can deal with and I knew this. But in relation to that, he said, "I don't know how I feel about you and I don't think I want to figure it out," even though it was pretty clear, not just to me, but to everyone, that he still has something for me and he's said it previously.

Can someone help me figure out what exactly is going on here?


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  • Ohkay! I was in your shoes as well. He didn't know what he wanted but one thing was sure...he knew he didn't want a relationship. As good as it feels to hear and feel him next to you you have to take his work for it when he says he doesn't know how he feels. This is an easy escape for him. If you were to ever develop feelings of wanting a relationship he could easily tell you I told you I wasn't sure your pressuring me when you knew I didn t want this. On the other if you start dating other people, which I highly suggest you do, he can say that's not fair you knew I kinda still sorta liked you and you moved on blah blah blah. Its unfair to you and your feelings becuase deep down every girl wants to be with the mans she loves even if he doesn't love her back. Give your self a little more credit...your beautiful and deserve a Real MAN who knows that he wants to be with you...Your it for him. Noone else...


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