Any chances given the circumstances we'll get back together?

I dated my guy for 8 months. he wanted to go on a break but we'd still be together-he wouldn't talk to me, acknowledge me at school, or tell me happy anniversary. So I finally I was in so much pain and just broke up with him. 13 minutes later I regretted it. I want him back but now he has to think. WHAT DOES HE NEED TO THINK ABOUT?! ha, I don't get it. It's been 8 days. I've still got his stuff (like super meaningful stuff) and we still share a locker. Are we ever going to get back together? Any advice?


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  • sweetheart, I'm gonna be as nice as I can saying this...

    if your man really liked you he wouldn't have suggested have a break together, I guess that means he isn't the one for you. move on. another way of looking at it is he would only have suggested a break so if someone he believed to be better comes along he could get them and if he didn't get them he'd still have you as a backup. to put it bluntly, you're second best to him. you deserve better. dump his ass and move on with your life.


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  • When you broke up with him and 13 minutes later you regretted it and wanted him back wasn't that kind of childish? That's maybe why he has to think about it. You should've confronted him about it to see what's up before breaking up with him. Right now, he still is thinking about the relationship you and him once had and probably wants to get back together but in the end he lost interest in you.


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  • you should tell him how you feel about in this whole situation, he could be confused about certain feelings or a sitautions, or he might be jsut scared, you shoudl let him know dont' tell him tha tyou regreat rbeaking up with him but still show and let him know that you care for him. and plus you guys still share lockers so you guys should talk


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