She is not over her ex, what to do?

This girl I have liked forever is single and I want to change that. but I think she's not over her ex and the worst part about it is we used to be best friends what should I do to bring her to me?


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  • if you used to be best friends, then step back into that role and be there for her as she gets over her ex. When she finally settles down again, she will realize that you were there the whole time.

    • we'll me and her used to be great friends but her ex and I used to be real tight and I think that she might still have feeling for him and I'm not sure how to approach the situation

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    • Well me and him used to be good friends but we had a falling out and stopped talking. Also the girl and I stop talking for about 2 years and eventually we started talking again but its awkward because its were like strangers now and I'm kinda shy around her. I think that if I work at it and overcome this we might have a shot but still I think she's has feeling for her ex and I'm not sure how to deal with that.

    • okay, so I see your situation now. I think that right now, you need to reestablish your friendship with her. It may take a while, but just start fresh. Find common interests. Try to make her laugh. Let her know your personality, and don't worry too much about the awkwardness. It will be less awkward for her than you think.

  • then don't make a move. it's not worth it


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