Do I need to confront him or just move on and allow him to grow up? Anyone know what to do?

I thought that this guy and I liked each other. We have a mutual friend that he no longer cares for. He has asked me over and again if I liked our mutual friend as more than a friend. I have told him no repeatedly. He wants to know if I have had sex with our mutual friend, which I answered no. He calls me up and tells me that he heard that our mutual friend was talking about he and I and telling others about our relationship. He tells me that he is going to kick his a** over all the talk. I got angry with him for telling me about all the "talk" and told him that I did not wish to discuss it any longer. I believe that he got angry with me because I did not become upset over what our mutual friend had done. Anyway, now he tells me that he is just going to keep to himself and not talk to anyone about anything, including me. I have not heard from him in over a week and truly do not understand why he is acting this way. I spoke to our mutual friend today and our mutual friend said that he spoke with him for a minute yesterday and that he asked him how come he did not talk longer. So, it appears that he is angry with me over our mutual coworker. Can anyone tell me why? Do I need to confront him or just move on and allow him to grow up?


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  • To be honest. he needs to grow up. He can't just believe what other people say. If there's no trust between you then the this realtionship isn't meant to be. Time will tell. He prob just over reacted at the moment and needs time to think it over. and not talking to anyone is just a childish thing to do.

    • Thank you for your answer. I believe that the way he is acting is very childish. Hopefully things will work out, if its meant to be. Again, thanks.

    • your welcome. and things will be put into place on its on. Goodluck.

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