Wonders what I should think

My girlfriend and I have been together for a few years and its seems like she always wants to hang out with her friends one of which she cheated on me with

also she only dresses up and puts make up on when she goes out

I am feeling like I am being cheated on again what am I to think

also been a while since we have been intimate


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  • So this girl cheated on you and you're still okay with her hanging out with the guy she cheated on you with? That's incredibly stupid on your part. Given the fact that she's cheated on you is a pretty good indicator of this girl's character. And since you didn't put your foot down with this friend of hers after she cheated, it makes you look like a pushover. It doesn't sound like she takes you too seriously. If she's only dressing up and putting on makeup when she's not going out with you, then you know she's not interested in impressing you, but she is interested in impressing other people. I really don't think you can trust this girl. I'd move on and find someone trustworthy. If a girl ever cheats on you again, it's one thing to forgive her and try to move on, but don't ever let her continue to hang out with that person. You have to tell them to make a decision when that kind of thing happens. Try to stand up for yourself in the future.


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