Feel rotten after breakup...so sad :(

After breaking up with someone...how do you pick yourself back up?

I feel awful, and whatever I do so lonely.

I cannot stop crying or thinking about him.

Thinking about him with other woman and what he's been doing.

Just feel worthless and empty...and as if no one will ever want me!

Questioning everything about myself...please help whatsoever xxx To say I'm desperate is an understatement xx


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  • I suffered a very painful heartbreak months ago, but believe it or not I moved on really quick :)

    What you should do is:

    1) Understand that he isn't the only man on planet Earth. There are definitely other guys out there who will be willing to make you happy :)

    2) If he was a jerk, then you had a fruitful life lesson- the hard way for sure. And if you were the one to be blamed, then you know that you should work on your flaws, if any.

    3) Distract yourself with school, work, sports, volunteering, friends, family, hobbies, etc...

    4) Talk to your family and friends or whoever is your support system

    5) Give it a good cry then move on. There's no reason to mope about it for too long.

    6) Give it time. Time heals all wounds :)


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  • go to a friend and cry so that they can answer your questions

    then go to a club and flirt

    u would be up in no time

    if it doesn't helps then try



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  • Hey, I am in the same boat as you, I can't help but to cry all the time, being online looking at ways to get him back and thinking about him with differnt girl just gona make me go crazy. It really does help when I pray and I also talk about it with my friends, but at lots of times I just don't want to talk about, everyone says time is the best medicine and its going to pass by and later we are gona look at this and laugh, but it really hurts. I feel like there is a hole in my heart. I really love him and I want to be with him too, but I think for now, its best to distract ourselves with stuff that we don't get lost in our sorrows and etc...


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