Guys, how do you end things with a girl?

Guys, you've been hanging out with a girl for two weeks. Things have seemed to be going perfectly fine between the two of you. A few snags like phone service and schedules not cooperating but other than that everything was great. You referenced to the future of you and the girl at times. Always kissin on her.

One week ago (wed) was the last time you hungout. and Thursday was the last time you talked to her (8 words to be exact). Since Thursday there has been NOTHING. Not even a head nod.

Basically I'm assuming its all over. That this is how he is ending it, by just ignoring me and not acknowledging me EVER. Do you think so? Or should I just give him some more time?
finally talked to him and got him to admit its over. and I feel so much better. a weight has been lifted off my shoulders! all I needed was him to admit it :)


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  • Yeah, it's probably over. But his disappearing act shows a serious lack of guts. It's not that easy to do, but if he wasn't feeling anything for you, he could have told you so in a direct and honest way.

    • its more like showing he's an a-hole lol but its nice to hear that you think he could have handled this another way.

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