My boyfriend and I broke up last night. I asked him to come home...

My boyfriend and I broke up last night (very new I know) We have been together 4 years. He said some things that to me they were rude and I got so mad that I kicked him out. He packed all his stuff and loaded up as much as he could. He left for a while, then he message me saying that he had to stay in his truck because his parents wouldn't let him home after the BS he has put me and them through. I stood my ground for hours (not long I know) Then I found myself msging him saying he could come home if he wanted to work things out. So he came home, when he got there he went straight downstairs and sent me a text saying "I'm not sleeping upstairs with you, I'm gonna sleep on the couch" he made me feel like he just came back cause he had no where else to go, I feel like I'm being used again and we still haven't even spoke since that last msg. I now feel like a fool asking him to come home...How do I fix this?


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  • You are a very kind person for letting him stay in your home after having him leave. My sincere advice to you is to please get him out of the house, change the locks, and don't look back. You should not continuously put yourself through the emotional and psychological wringer for someone who does not deserve you. I know from experience.


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