How should I get back with my Ex that I broke up with?

My Ex and I stop talking after an argument. We both did not make an attempt to talk with each other. After 3 months, we saw each other at a mutual friend's house. I was not sure how I was going to feel when I saw him or how he was going to react when he saw me. I felt good as well as excited when I saw him, and he was ecstatic when he saw me. He kept on telling me how beautiful I looked and how his feelings hasn't changed but just got deeper. He called me during the night, twice to tell me how much he missed me, and wanted me back in his life. We have not had in-depth conversation about what happened. Me walking away was because of his lack of effort, and how he allow certain things to upset him. He did apologize for the cause of the argument. Its been four days now, we haven't talked much since then. Just called each other for a quick hello. I've been thinking about him, how much I missed him, and how I would like to get back with him. I want to give the relationship another chance. I don't want to rush things. However, I wan to do what needs to be done if we both want to be together. I'm planning to go by his home and talk about how I feel, and my thoughts on us getting back together. Is this the right decision? How should I approach him?


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  • I know this is a little late but if you feel it would work out then go for it. If you too were great together but just had that problem before and took care of it then it doesn't hurt to try it again.


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