Is he just as guilty as I am?

okay so this summer me and my boyfriend broke up.. I had sex with someone.. but I told him right when we got back together so there weren't any surprises.. once we got back together all we did was fight because he tells me I cheated.. even though me and him weren't together.. we broke up again.. and then got back together weeks later.. turns out this whole time that he's been freaking out on me for what I did.. he had sex with two girls while we were broken up the second time.. and he still thinks he did NOTHING wrong and that I'm like the worst person on earth


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  • So both of your are even.

    He is being unreasonable if he does not admit that it was a mistake to call you a cheater that first time.

    • Oh and I don't see why either of your should feel guilty. If it happened the way you describe it (as in fully broken up both times), then you guys were free to hook up with other people.

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  • Both of you are even. You did nothing wrong, he's just being unreasonable.


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  • he is a hypocrite


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