How long should I wait until I talk to my ex boyfriend again?

How long should I wait until I talk to my boyfriend again. We broke up about 3 weeks ago. He broke up with me but I want to be able to start talking to him again. Also how should I start talking to him again? We went out for about 2 1/2 years and we are each others' first boyfriend/girlfriend


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  • One of my best friends is a guy I dated for 7 years, it took us time and it was a long road and we've gotten to a point of pure friendship with no romantic feelings on either side. So being friends with an ex does work out.

    However, that story has a happy ending but my other one doesn't. My most recent ex and are trying to be friends because we have to due to our current situation and it is hell. If it were up to me I would have no contact with him altogether. I still have deep love for him and somedays breaks my heart to even hear his voice.

    You two will always have a special bond, trust in that bond and realize that it might just take time. Be careful with what ever you chose to do but just make sure that you are strong enough for the outcome of your decision.

    • Thanks, I don't know, I realized lots of things that I have done wrong, I want to give a second chance and reach out to my ex boyfriend. I want to let him know that I want to start fresh. Its been about 3 weeks and I was thinking of watiing couple more weeks to give him space and all that than talk to him again to maybe get back together.

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    • yeah I thought, he just asked my friend how I was doing to be pliot and he is a nice guy. It also asked her if I was still upset and crying and my friend told him no she's doing her best. I was thinking of talking to him soon, and text him that if he werent too busy I would like to meet and also have his stuff too.

    • don't waste your time trying to figure out why boys do the things they do, it'll drive you crazy. I get that you are wanting him in your life and it hurts right now but you need to give him the space he asked for. Not to sound chessy but "if you let him go...", I'm sure you know that saying.

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  • A clean break is the best break. Let me tell you, it isn't worth going back and trying to be friends unless you can somehow kill your feelings for him. Otherwise, you'll end up really heartbroken and disappointed if he starts dating someone else or turns you down.


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  • Do yourself a big favor and make it a clean break. No communication. If you still have feelings for him, it will just keep you grasping to a hope that he will wake up and want to get back together with you. If you want to be friends with him after a suitable time has passed then that is up to you, but because you were together for so long and he broke it off, I think you should give yourself a lot of space from him. Like, space until you realize you don't care about him. Personally, I'd just stay away and move on.