Do guys like it when their ex girlfriend is trying to reach out to them to get back together?

I have been going out with my boyfriend for y 1/2 years and he broke up with me. I want to reach out to him and maybe perhaps get back together. Its been about 3 weeks and I want to know if guys will be thwack if girl was willing to take the first step to talk to him to get back together. and how long should I wait until I start talking to him again.


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  • I took my girlfriend back after just under a year of dating. I was done mentally and stopped talking to her but still loved her. I would advice if you are going to try getting with him, not to wait too long. You should talk to him asap or he will keep losing feelings probably.

    • Its been about 2 weeks, should I wait longer? I was thinking of waiting about 2 more weeks, kind of give him space and all that. Cause I actually talk to him a week right after we broke up and, he said how he kind of expected of me to call him within a week and he kind of got mad and didint want to see me. and than next day he would text me and said,sorry for all those mean things he have said. Should I wait little bit longer to talk to him?

    • I think it really depends on the people and the relationship. Obviously if you guys are meant to be and you ultimately want each other, you will get back at some point. I think in general though the longer you guys are apart, the more he will get over you. Maybe try talking to him and really try and communicate how you feel. If he doesn't want you nothing you can do. I know people play games and act like they don't want the other so you maybe able to tell if that's him. I hate those games.

    • He is not the type who plays games and stuff, but yeah I am really hoping that he would take me back, because I am working on myself and I am willing to really show him and really be the person that I am changing into.

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