Is this a cheater's slip up or nothing to worry about?

My boyfriend of 6 months and I were making out. It started getting steamy and he was trying to unhook my bra in the back, through my shirt. Because of the shirt I was wearing he cldnt get it un-done. Then he asked, " oh is this the one that hooks in the front?" I DON'T own any bras that hooks in the front. He's never had to to that because I don't own one. I automatically said," no. So who's bra have you been unhooking in the front?" and sat there waiting for his answer. He said he thought I did and that since he cldnt get it undone he thought I mist have one on. I let it go. I trust him. We spend every day together maybe miss a day. But it still doesn't sit well. What do y'all think?


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  • I think you start to screw up with your guy's mind. Been there when som ex girlfriend starts to get crazy and jealous for ridiculous reasons. Why wouldn't he know some bras hook in the front? You think he lived with his head up his ass before meeting you may be?

    • No I don't think that he wouldn't know. He said it like he knew I've worn one before. It was the way he said it. I didn't flip out on him. I kinda just laughed it off even though it messed with my mind. I've been fooled before so it just brings up my insecurities. I always give guys the benefit of the doubt though.

    • See that's what I question. You say you give him the benefit if the doubt and that you trust him. But in your mind you still are questioning it over and over, and come on here and ask about it. So you haven't given up on it whatsoever, you just say it. You obviously can't move on. And that is a red flag.

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  • Maybe he didn't know that you don't own any front-hooking lingerie...give him the benefit of the doubt on this one.

    • I didn't make a big deal about it. I think how he said it was not what he wanted to say.

    • Yeah, it may just have been the wrong phrase on his part, but I think it was an honest mistake.

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  • It's fairly common knowledge that there are front hook bras in existence. He honestly might have thought you had one since it wasn't working the usual way. If your intuition says otherwise, calmly ask him about it, though I think it was an innocent remark on his part.

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