Should I still stay friends with my ex boyfriend?

I met my ex boyfriends close female friend before I met him. She then introduced us and not long after we started going out.

I got along really well with the friends that I met and this one girl I still hang out even though my ex and I are no longer together. Have become really good friends since.

I have spoken a little bit about the break up to her but not totally bagged out my ex and trashed him. Just got emotional and teary a couple of times. She could understood how I felt and was fine with it. Kept the two things separate.

I am still hurt by the break up and my ex still has said he wants to remain friends with me. Have never stayed friends with an ex boyfriend before though...

Should I bother? After all the feelings I have for him are gone?

If not. Still wanna remain friends with the girls. No harm in hanging out with them separately. We have been doing that in general, regardless, anyway!


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  • I'd say be friends with him if you like hanging out with him as a friend. If you just want to catch up every now and again maybe make him a fb friend? All the feelings you have for him may never entirely be gone.

    • My ex and I do get along really well. That is why I am considering it. Although. Do still feel that strong chemistry there with him also. The last time we spoke in person. He did not deny he wasn't feeling it.

      The reasons we broke up were because he was not ready for a relationship yet. After going through a tough break up last year and he was way to busy with full time work and Uni studies to spend enough time with me and give me the attention that I really deserve.

      We will see what happens.

    • Yeah I say be friends then. You can feel chemistry with other guys too. And if its meant to be, it will happen. Just enjoy being friends.

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