Getting a boyfriend back?

I don't want to write him a long letter or something I did that in the past but now I know if I did it won't matter to him and he won't believe it (no I never lied to him he just thinks I dd) so I want a one line thing..I really miss him its been a week since we broke up but I really can not live without him :( I texted him yesterday saying that I miss him he replied with a me too so I know now that he miss me .. so I am thinking about texting him something like " I want you back" or something short and.. well.. meaningful but I don't want it to be all about me like I miss you or I need you I want something that involves him too

any ideas please ?

i am just so desperate Because I tried saying everything before I don't think he trusts me now with anything


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  • calm yourself down and make sure that what ever you text or say to him comes from your heart and feelings. don't let your deperation lead you.

    • i always do that but I don't think he believes me anymore or I think he's just sick of me apologizing and stuff

      i don't know should I text him "i can't go on with out u" or does it sound so desperate

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    • yes

    • haha I asked the Q a million time because its just so hard not talking to him and Knowing that chances are he will get over me and never come back :\

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  • Look I know I mess up a few times and that I might say or do things that I later regret, But none of this ever clouds the way you make me feel, and hopefully I make you feel that way to, I don't want another one of our mistakes getting inbetween what we both feel as being great, so if there is anychance we can chat and sort this out, I really would like to take it.

    Something like that might throw you in the right direction?,x


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  • Say plain and simple, I miss you and want you back in my life. I am willing to do what it takes to work it out.

    There is nothing there he has to read between the line about, you will get a simple answer back without the games.

    If he's willing, that will get him back in your court right away.

    • but I am affraid he's gonna say something like " I gave you so many chances before" or " you just don't get it" or smthin like this

    • You can't be afraid, just go for it and if it happens, then you will know for sure. You will sleep better at night.

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