Me and my ex are maybe talking a little too much....

So my ex and I have been split for about a month exactly now, and we have been talking almost everyday, and we are flirting, a lot... we don't live in the same town so it's kinda weird, but I'm moving to his town for school next July, (it was planned before we broke up I can't say no to the school now, I'm not going to stalk him) anyway so we were talking last night and we were talking about being friends with benefits when I move there, and he was saying he likes the idea as long as we aren't sleeping with other people at the same time cause he doesn't want infections, which made me happy, so I was all giggly and we are even talking this morning.. and I may have sent him a pic last night and then he sent me one today, and we had agreed to stay friends along time ago to see what happens, cause he's got a lot of stuff to figure out and as do I, but I'm scared I'm wasting my time because he is still a drunk and I don't know what he's been doing... anywhoo Guys... what do you think? Is this s a game or could it potentially be something real again or just an amazing friendship...?


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  • If you guys are talking like this non-stop, obviously there are feelings there. I don't like the fact that he wants to be friends with benefits. What is the point of that if you can't go out and see other people? That is sorta like saying; I won't commit to you, but will have sex with you and you can't have sex with anyone else. Why not just be in a relationship. I would be cautious, not sure what his intentions are. But I don't get a good feeling from what you told me. Just laying it all out for you.

    • I second this response. Why not just be in a relationship? Watch out for his intentions.

    • ya that's what I'm confussed about, cause he said he wants to be friends and see what happens, but we oviously don't live in the same town so we won't be able to be intimate, but when I move there, I guess I will have to watch and see what happens. but even a girl can play a guys game;) if he's gunna mess with my head I can do it right back. it's not that hard.

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