Not all people cheat, right?

Hi People ?

Oscar and I have been dating exclusively for 5 months now.Things have been good. As of recently he’s been getting into these pissed off moods…he’s not really a big “Let’s sit down and talk about our feelings guy” He is more like “I wanna be alone and sulk type”. So normally, I try and cheer him up but this hasn’t been working. So his attitude went on like this Saturday night. Sunday morning everything was fine…Sunday night the PMS returned & Monday he went MIA. I tried calling texting and No response ALL DAY. He had told me he would be off that day from work…he only had to go to school that Monday I was thinking like WTF is up with this guy!

Finally out of frustration I called 1 last time at 10pm Monday night, No answer. I sent a text stating “So are we not talking today or what? Worried about you haven’t heard from you all day hope you alright. Goodnight” No reply. 11:30pm comes around & I start getting anxious- (I know I shouldn’t have done the following but I did)- SO I drove to his apartment. He wasn’t home. I panicked and called him again….No answer. So finally I got him to pick up his phone at 1am Tuesday morning. His excuse what that he had to work after school and he went out with coworkers. (Normally, he lets me know he’s going out with friends) I got upset and we argued and hung up on each other.

Tuesday, Afternoon he texted me apologizing for being an ass and that he just needed time apart from me since we’ve been seeing each other and spending the night together every day for the last 2 months. I told him that there was no excuse for his behavior and that I couldn’t be with someone who can’t communicate. So we later met up and I checked his phone….when he was in the shower…(No judgment please) I noticed there were text messages that he exchanged with a girl he used to date that Monday he disappeared. IT wasn’t romantic at all. I'm not worried about her…Im worried that he won't talk to me about his life…He talked to her but his responses were short and brief, their conversation consisted of a friend they have in common who I haven’t met. This “friend” of theirs is having marital problems and drama went down on Monday…Which I'm Guessing is why he went missing. I saw text messages from this “friend” where he kept apologizing to my boyfriend about something….He kept saying “Im sorry for all the trouble I caused dogg..i had to save my marriage” then he said My wife is a Bitch I'm done with her” stupid things…. We have since they discussed him communicating with me on days he wants to be alone but I have asked him about what happened Monday and he just says “I went out with coworkers” I ask what they did and he says “Nothing just drink and talk” He won't discuss any of the drama issues that he was talking in those text messages. He won't tell me that his friend is having marital problems and he won't talk to me about why he’s been upset…..What do I do….I honestly don’t think he’s cheating ,


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  • It doesn't sound like he's cheating, I think he's just afraid to open up and show his emotions. tell him he can be open with you but don't bug him to tell you everything. He sounds like a loyal guy who is willing to help friends. Keep in mind, you haven't been dating very long so you shouldn't really be worried. When you are more serious, perhaps he will open up. give him time to open up and don't rush things.


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