Closure from a girl?

i was watching a random TV show and the characters in it where a couple, the woman had cheated on the guy and he was trying to make things work and forgive her, in the end he could not stand it

it reminded me of something very similar that happened to me, she played me and slept with an a**hole who cheated and broke up with her and she never apologized to me

so does that mean that scene hit a nerve or that I still need yo resolve this with the girl and get some closure?


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  • i actually had a similar incident with my boyfriend and I. Except I wasn't the one who came back. He waited, and finally we talked about it and he wanted to make it work regardless of what happened. I apologized immediately, telling him I just didn't wanna put him through so much. Its been a year, and it was not easy at all! Little things like on TV would of made him uncomfortable and we had arguements, but its been a year and now, we laugh at TV shows or movies that have situations like that. If she's worth it, go for it. If not ( by the way her never apologizing seems a bit rude) then get some closure

    • thanks,

      so should I be straight forward and proper the next time I see her and raise the subject

    • Yes, I'm pretty sure she hurt you by having that incident. You have a right to know where you stand

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  • it means you remembered because the same thing happened to you. that is all.

    closure happens naturally, moving on is your closure.

  • what's there to resolve? she sounds horrible, probably won't give you a decent apology anyways. just accept that there are sh*tty people out there and move on. you probably just reacted to the scene.


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