Will we ever be friends again? Or even more than friends?


I hate that I'm always linking to other questions I posted but its easier than explaining since its a really long story

Pretty much, we've been friends for about two years. We constantly talked and texted. Like on a Saturday, we'd s tart at like 10 am and go till midnight just texting throughout the day

Anyway, up until the end of August, we were just fine and it was getting really close to my birthday (like a few days). We talked about going to see a special thing at the movies that was being shown across the country for one night. I found out that tickets were selling fast so I got on Facebook to ask her if she wanted me to go ahead and get them but it turns out that she blocked me. I texted her and asked why and she said we couldn't be friends anymore and that she felt like Iw as too dependent on her. I don't know why she thinks that. I mean, we text a lot but like she's never minded before or anything like that. Normally, if something is bothering her, she'll say something about it.

I'll admit that I have some feelings for her (An understatement actually. Nobody else has EVER made me feel like she has. She's made me happier than anyone else and like, I think we'd last if we ever got together.) but like, I just wanna at least be able to talk to her again

Is it likely that we will? Its been nearly two months and we quit talking before, and that was for a reason even I find somewhat legitimate (I did something to make her mad. I was being stupid and I asked her out after she was essentially already dating someone else), but even then, we were talking again in like a month and its been nearly two this time and nothing so far

I miss her and while I want to be with her more than anything (that's what I want the most in the world right now), just being able to talk would be enough for now. Talking to her was enough to cheer me up if I was having a bad day. I always looked forward to it and I just wish we were still friends since, before this happened, she was probably my best friend and I've never had one better.


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  • I'm pretty sure that it can become more in time.


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