He gave me my first kiss over a year ago. Should I tell him he was my first kiss? Guys?

he gave me my first kiss over a year ago. I've barely seen him since then because we live in different places, but he is coming to visit my area and we are going to the same party. I really wanna tell him but I don't want him to think its weird or anything...should i?


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  • Some guys care about this stuff, most guys don't and here's why:

    Guys first kiss, dance, sex and all that stuff is mainly a "Yes, thank god I got to that part. It was cool, I'm going to keep trying to get more."

    It's not as special or anything like that to guys. I think the biggest reaction from him will be "oh cool."

    • i don't think so...because we've known each other for a long time and for all this time him not knowing that would be big news. especially after all the times we've hooked up before

    • eh, I know my guy friends wouldn't care, he maybe different. Just tell if you want, no point stressing about it.

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  • You say you have hooked up many times after? what do you mean by that.. because that depends on my answer. But I would tell him I would want to know. and then id want to kiss you again!

    • like he kissed me one night and then for many nights after id go over and make out with him and other things and also a few months later we randomly started again also just a couple times...we never had sex though

    • well if it comes up sure you can say something like "you know you were my first kiss" and you can ask if you seemed nervous or whatever.. but I mean it isn't that big of a deal. Still I think guys like to know such things.

  • Why not? If you want to tell him tell him


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