Why won't my ex talk to me?

I'm curious why my ex wouldn't talk to me about our relationship, in any way? We have to see each other most of the week at work and there is no way around it. It will be that way for a long while too. I want to at least clear the air and maybe get a little closure since we have to constantly see each other. Anytime I try to chat with her about it outside of work, she comes up with some excuse. She is still friendly, even flirty. She brings up things we have talked about doing all kinds of stuff that's just driving me crazy. We still get along real well. However as time progresses on it is becoming more and more weird to be around her. I still have feelings for her and not knowing what happened or what's going to happen is making things awkward. Why would she not want to talk and deal with it? Its just going to worse and worse until she does. She has to know this.


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  • Ya that is bizarre! Why did you break up? that will help me give proper advice.

    • We got into an argument about work related stuff. To me anyway the whole situation has been a little strange. Especially considering the reason for the break up as far as I know and the way she acted during the relationship. I don't see why she wouldn't talk about it. The only convo we've had since the break-up besides me apologizing about it was a brief call where she said I hurt her feelings by arguing with her.

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    • Thanks for the reply.

      Yeah that's what's killing me. She is not an immature person at all. She said she cared for me, loved me, and all that so so many times. Even a couple times right after the breakup. She may have been looking for a reason but even that wouldn't make sense. We never had any issues prior to that. I would bust her chops a bit from time to time but in a joking way, that's it. I hate this, I'm driving myself crazy trying to figure it out.

    • Well just give her time and space. She will come around if its meant to be. Distance makes the heart grow fonder and it true.

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