How to forget her when I never even knew if she loves me or not ?

there was that girl at school that was truly nice ... When she first saw me she apparently liked me but I was so shy to even talk to her ... About 4 months later I realized I loved her so I started talking to her ..etc (I am the shyest guy you will ever see so tht was hard 4 me ) ... I'm not sure what her feelings were towards me but I was still too shy and I think I kinda didn't make it easy for her to show that she liked me ... I started thinking about not being shy and starting to be a "a man" ... But I was late ... Calling her about 2 weeks after the school ended she told me that she left school :O .. I was totally shocked and felt so sad ... Now its 4 months since then and since I last saw her but I can't forget her ... (we still chat on FB though .. I mean it's not that she totally forgot who I am lol)


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  • well,

    it's the worst feeling ever,being 2 l8 with your crush,and then you replay every moment you shared 2gether,etc,but the good thing is you actually fb her!

    so just ask her 2 hang out!

    • ok small prob :D her friends in our school tht she hangs with a lot aren't that close to me ... I mean I barely say hi and how are you to them ... This lack in mutual friends makes it hard to hang out with friends wth her :S

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    • k :D but she's got exams the next 2 weeks so I'll wait till then ... And thanks :D

    • no prob!

      good luck!

  • why don't you drop a hint that you like her on FB?

    • i don't know :/ it's jst tht I'm afraid of the result ... And is ths something you could hint to (on FB) without being so obvious (example please :D)

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    • well you're not literally saying the school misses her face... you're talking about youself and I'm sure she'll get the hint

    • i got the answer tht I was totally sure il get "i miss you all too" xD

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