If my boyfriend and I have broken up a million times?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years...and hes' my first everything, and just yesterday he said he can't take the aggravation or frustration I put him through..and I said before you make your decision can I just give you space until Sunday, and he said yes. Do you think he's really over with me? He blocked me from Facebook and said he was in a really bad mood..and my best bet is to leave him alone.. I"m so scared of losing him.. he has yet to contact me and I don't know what to do.. but then again it's only Friday

Ok, so now we're back again..and this time he said we're done for good..but he said he would be surprised if I gave him a wk..ugh why won't this stop happening...idk what to do. Maybe we do need a break, and this will make things better? I'm going to try to show him how independent I can be & for me too..he said he doesn't want to hook up with any1 right now and hasn't even started thinking about that -he said he thnks about me all the time..and is just overwhelmd-if I want him bck what do I do?
keep in mind this has been for three years and we are both each others' first love...and we're senior in college...and we both love e.o so much but we are long distance..and long distance has been really hard, but when we are together everything's perfect! He's not a partier, he's not over emotional, but I just am so lost w.o him..i guess do I just give him his space? he said he'd be surprised if I let him be for a week...
:( help, I caved in and texted him Saturday-asking him to clarify what we were and he didn't answer..haven't spoken to him since...:[


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  • He likely wants more than a few days' space, so give it to him. Maybe you both need your freedom; you're young to make a long term commitment.

    Give him whatever time he seems to need, until he stops blocking you and so forth, and see where you both want to be at that point.

    • Ok thank you...I haven't tried calling him since he told me not to..but I feel like if he really cared he would've already tried to get in touch with me already...but tomorrow is the big day so we'll see what happens..I'm just giving him space

    • What'ws happened this last month? Has he been willing to talk?

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  • If you've broken up more than once it's time to move on. I see this all the time where the people don't listen to anyone and then just continue their relationship with problems and breaking up all the time.

    • But I love him too much to do that...I want to show him that I can change and we can not fight anymore..because we both just have personalities to fight. So do you think he's going to break up wtih me for good?

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    • So what's the best thing I can possibly do right now, if I want to get back with him?

    • Give him a little time and try talking to him.

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  • Respect his request to have space. This will show maturity and give him a chance to miss you.

    • Okay, that's a good idea. But I don't think he's even going to call..

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    • I'm sorry you are going through this. You guys are at a very confussing time in life, last year of college and having to start thinking of your future.

      I agree with you that you need to give him/ this relationship some space. It sounds like you need some time to yourself.

      Give him the week, shock him & yourself. Sometimes when you are going through situations like this you become so desperate for answers to fix the situation and all along the answer was right there.

      Don't push him or yourself

    • Thank you that helped.

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